High Volume Hourly Hiring

Do you need a large quantity of staff on an hourly basis? Parker Blake knows how to find reliable hourly talent quickly – we can do the recruiting for you, or we can teach your team the best ways to do it.

Management Recruiting

Finding managers who have the right combination of business, industry, and people skills can be a challenge. Parker Blake works with you to fine-tune your requirements and then to find candidates that fit.

Contract Recruiting

Looking for a new hire and looking for a new contractor are not the same thing. You know this, but do you struggle with knowing where to find contract-based talent, and how to make the agreement mutually beneficial? Parker Blake places contractors with clients in many industries and in positions from mid-level marketing talent to C-suite executives.

College Recruiting

Recruiting new college graduates means knowing what they are looking for and how your company offers that. Parker Blake is experienced at evaluating fresh talent and finding the people who will succeed in your environment.

Military Recruiting

Former military personnel come with a highly developed set of skills that set them apart and give them potential for success in your firm. Parker Blake understands the strengths and aptitudes of former military people and can find the ones who will work best in your situation.

Diversity Recruiting
A diverse workforce leads to cross-pollination of ideas and a wide spectrum of experience and talent. Parker Blake can recruit talent to increase the diversity of your team and lead you to more wide-ranging ideas and skills. We can also work with your team to incorporate workplace diversity practices into your talent acquisition program.