How executive search firms/recruiters work:

The search firm always works for the employer and searches for candidates to fill a specific role at the client company. While it is good to know recruiters in your field, their job is not to find a position for any individual. If a staffing company/search firm asks you to pay or tells you that they will look for a position for you, they are likely not a reputable firm.


What makes Parker Blake different?

Parker Blake’s commitment to provide placements that are sustainable and long-lasting begin with our efforts to become thoroughly ingrained in the company’s culture. We learn not just what the client’s business is, but how and why they carry out their mission. We learn their culture and values and then search to find the person who not only has the desired professional skills, but who has the attitude, aptitude, and culture fit for mutually beneficial long-term employment. Through qualification vetting, reference checks, personality and behavioral inventories, and in-depth interviews with experienced recruiters, Parker Blake is able to evaluate talent to find the individuals who are best suited to each opportunity.


What does Parker Blake look for in potential placements?

We look for the MPC — the Most Placeable Candidate. Beyond the stated requirements of each position, that candidate will demonstrate appropriate qualities in several areas:

  1. Career progression/experience – throughout their career, the successful candidate will show evidence of sustained growth in skills, maturity, and responsibility. We want to see evidence of advanced thinking skills demonstrated in work they’ve formulated and completed.
  2. Education – whether in formal college degrees or industry certifications, the successful candidate will have achieved appropriate proof of his educational qualifications. This includes graduate degrees and other accomplishments that prove that the candidate has the required skills.
  3. Personality – is the candidate flexible? Humble? Collaborative? Adaptable? Are they known for integrity and professionalism? Does the client’s personality mesh with the client’s culture? Past performance IS indicative of future performance.

There is no perfect candidate, only appropriate professionals for specific jobs. What makes someone successful in one situation will not make her successful in a very different situation – the key is fitting the right individual to the appropriate position.

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