At Parker Blake Consulting, we love being a part of “happily ever after” stories. Here are a few for you to enjoy – then let’s get started on your story!

Crown & Caliber was a fast-growing young company with urgent staffing needs when we brought in Parker Blake. Since our founding in 2012, we had become the leading online marketplace for pre-owned luxury watches, and that growth meant we needed to double our staff and build out our business structure—quickly. In 8 months, Parker Blake helped us hire more than 20 specialized employees including a controller, marketing staff, sales experts, and operations and logistics professionals, but also hard-to-fill positions like watchmakers, experienced market researchers, and dealer sales managers. If Parker Blake had simply filled those positions for us, it would have already been a successful partnership.


But Parker Blake’s help didn’t end there. They became a trusted advisor as we adjusted to our rapid growth and development. They positioned us to move ahead with confidence in our staffing and human resource areas. Thanks to their advice, we have an effective staffing process in place, with a talent acquisition strategy, established behavioral interviewing processes, background checks, process documentation, and onboarding. Parker Blake learned our culture and helped us find team members who fit. With their help, we now understand the rules and regulations governing our hiring and retention processes and we can be sure of our compliance.


Parker Blake also helped us with presenting ourselves clearly to prospective employees. Our new sourcing strategy includes social media and internet sourcing, as well as employee referral programs. Together we developed a niche recruiting program for watchmakers and a management recruitment program. They trained our staff recruiter and taught us how to work most effectively with external recruiting firms to find qualified candidates.


Crown & Caliber partnered with Parker Blake when we were under pressure to develop our hiring practices quickly and effectively. I was able to hand the responsibility to Parker Blake and watch as they laid a foundation that has proven to be strong and complete.


Hamilton Powell
Founder and CEO
Crown & Caliber