You test drive a car before you buy it. You look before you leap. You might be the right person for a contract-to-hire opportunity.

Contract-to-hire positions are rising in popularity in the U.S., particularly in technology-related positions but also in creative professions. Some companies hire primarily through contract-to-hire arrangements. In a contract-to-hire position, you will likely be hired for a specific time period. In most cases, if you and the employer agree that you are a good fit for the position on a long-term basis, you will be offered that position on a permanent basis. During the initial contract period, you will probably be paid on a W-2 basis, meaning that the employer will pay employment taxes as if you were a regular employee (in contrast to a pure contract, 1099 employee). In most cases, though, you will not receive any benefits during the contract period.

Parker Blake provides talent on a contract-to-hire basis as determined by the employer-client. Interested? You can indicate on your talent profile that you are available for contract-to-hire positions.


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