With more than 20 years’ experience in staffing, Parker Blake Consulting has a wealth of knowledge to share. When you need expert advice or the perspective of staffing consultants who daily see the broadest view of the talent market, call Parker Blake for a consultation.

We will work with you on a contract basis can be a one-day experience or an ongoing relationship. We can advise you on market trends, salary structures, talent management and development, job descriptions, and more.

We provide a spectrum of consulting services, including:

  • Employer Branding

    First impressions are formed quickly, and when you’re looking for new talent, how you present your firm can influence whether you can recruit the people you need. While you may have carefully branded your firm to customers, have you considered the unique brand you present to potential team members? The qualities that people look for when purchasing a product are not the same qualities they seek in an employer.

    In the eyes of your current team, what are your best qualities as an employer? Are you innovative, offering great creative latitude? Or are you the kind of place where people build 30-year careers? Maybe your business is unique, or your perks are one-of-a-kind. Whatever sets you apart, whatever makes you a desirable employer, should be central in your employer branding.

    Parker Blake has helped many companies develop and implement their employer brand. Contact us to talk about how we can help you.

    Employer Branding
  • Process Management

    Talent Acquisition Strategy
    Parker Blake can work with you to design a new strategy or refine your current strategy to fit your unique needs. We learn about your business, your goals, and your culture to develop the talent acquisition strategy that will serve you well now and as you grow.

    Process Documentation
    Documenting your talent acquisition process helps develop efficient, repeatable practices and keeps you ahead of compliance issues. Parker Blake can help you set up a proactive process documentation procedure that will reduce errors and simplify your talent acquisition process.

    Parker Blake knows how the best companies do onboarding – and can help you adapt those practices to your company. We will help you learn to welcome new talent and set them up for both quick success and satisfied longevity.

    Behavioral Interviewing
    Parker Blake has more than 20 years’ experience in behavioral interviewing. We can help you develop the best strategy and protocols – or we can do it for you. Appropriate measurement and interpretation of results are key facets of talent acquisition. We can set your team up for best results in behavioral interviewing or we can handle the process for you.

    OFCCP/EEOC Compliance
    You can’t afford mistakes in your compliance processes. Parker Blake knows all current requirements and regulations and how they affect your organization. Let us guide you through your compliance issues.

    Background Checks
    We are experts at conducting background checks, with the best technology and skills to find the information you need. Parker Blake can conduct background checks for you, or we can set you up for success as you conduct them yourself.

    Drug Test
    Parker Blake understands all of the issues about drug testing – we can help you set up efficient, compliant practices, or coach you as you develop thorough, compliant procedures to manage on your own.

    Process Management
  • Talent Acquisition Sourcing

    Sourcing Strategy
    Talent acquisition is an art, and Parker Blake can help you develop a strategy to consistently source the talent masterpieces for your company. Whether you carry out the strategy or ask us to do it for you, you need a strategy that addresses exactly what your company needs.

    Social Media Sourcing
    You know that your best new employees are already on social media, but finding them is difficult among the millions of people there. Parker Blake knows where to look to find exactly who you need, using sophisticated sourcing techniques and a web of contacts build over 20 years in the staffing business.

    Internet Sourcing
    If your internet sourcing stops at social media, you’re only halfway there. Parker Blake has the tools and experience to find great candidates, including those who don’t realize they’re open to a new opportunity.

    Website Analysis
    It’s hard to look at your own website objectively. Parker Blake can impartially scrutinize your website and suggest the changes that will make it more candidate-friendly. Your website is likely your candidate’s first “visit” to your company -- don’t let a well-intentioned but nonstrategic website be what keeps potential talent away.

    Employment Branding
    When candidates think about working at your company, what do they imagine? How are you perceived among potential employees? Parker Blake can examine your employment branding, recommend changes, and then help you implement those changes that will increase your positive perception.

    Employee Referral Programs
    It’s no secret that a pipeline for great talent is the referral network of your best staff. Employee referral programs can be effective and motivating, or not. Parker Blake can help you set up an employee referral program that brings qualified talent to your door – talent that already knows a satisfied staffer and wants to join your firm.

    Talent Acquisition Sourcing
  • Recruiting

    High Volume Hourly Hiring
    Do you need a large quantity of staff on an hourly basis? Parker Blake knows how to find reliable hourly talent quickly – we can do the recruiting for you, or we can teach your team the best ways to do it.

    Management Recruiting
    Finding managers who have the right combination of business, industry, and people skills can be a challenge. Parker Blake works with you to fine-tune your requirements and then to find candidates that fit.

    Contract Recruiting
    Looking for a new hire and looking for a new contractor are not the same thing. You know this, but do you struggle with knowing where to find contract-based talent, and how to make the agreement mutually beneficial? Parker Blake places contractors with clients in many industries and in positions from mid-level marketing talent to C-suite executives.

    College Recruiting
    Recruiting new college graduates means knowing what they are looking for and how your company offers that. Parker Blake is experienced at evaluating fresh talent and finding the people who will succeed in your environment.

    Military Recruiting
    Former military personnel come with a highly developed set of skills that set them apart and give them potential for success in your firm. Parker Blake understands the strengths and aptitudes of former military people and can find the ones who will work best in your situation.

    Diversity Recruiting
    A diverse workforce leads to cross-pollination of ideas and a wide spectrum of experience and talent. Parker Blake can recruit talent to increase the diversity of your team and lead you to more wide-ranging ideas and skills. We can also work with your team to incorporate workplace diversity practices into your talent acquisition program.

  • Training

    Recruiter Training
    Parker Blake regularly mentors and trains recruiters at multiple career stages to be more effective and up-to-date in their profession. We offer training in the specific areas you want, and we can evaluate your team’s status and recommend a tailored training program, whether for one day or on an ongoing basis.

    Hiring Manager Training
    Hiring managers are experts at what their teams need, but recruiting and evaluating potential team members is probably not something they do often enough to be highly skilled. Parker Blake can prepare hiring managers to use the best talent acquisition practices and can mentor them along the way.

    Vendor Partners
    Your staff enters into partnerships with vendors that move your company forward, but do they know how to get the most out of those relationships? Parker Blake can work with your staff and with vendor partners to achieve the most productive partnerships.

    Vendor Selection
    Parker Blake can make vendor selection easier for your staff by training them on best practices for healthy long-term (or short-term) vendor selection.

    Contract Negotiation
    Contract negotiators get better with experience, but getting that experience can be difficult. Parker Blake can train your staff on contract negotiation principles and practices that can make their efforts more successful.


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