Building a dynamic, experienced team is always a challenge, and never more so than today. Your corporate objectives, your industry, and your unique culture combine to provide outstanding opportunities for the right people. Finding candidates is not the problem, but finding the right candidate is a complex search involving evaluation of skills, experience, and potential, as well as culture fit. With more than 20 years’ experience and thousands of connections, Parker Blake knows how to find the best person for your specific need.

We work closely with each client to determine priorities and preferences; then we conduct a tailored search among leading nationwide talent, eliminating the client’s need to invest time and resources on the process. Our experts assess skills, conduct discreet reference checks, and employ personality inventories to find the ideal match for each opportunity. Parker Blake is known for the ability to deliver outstanding results with dedication, flexibility, and speed. And Parker Blake continues to serve you even after the placement. As your new hire adjusts to the opportunity, we stay involved, monitoring performance and fit to assure a successful transition.

We serve clients nationally and in multiple industries from our offices in Atlanta, Georgia.

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