Contract employment is a growing reality in the U.S. today. As more companies move toward a lean staffing policy (meaning they employ the minimum employees necessary to do business), opportunities abound for those who can be flexible enough to work on a contract basis.

Contractors are people who possess a specific set of skills that they can deploy in a client company without the need for extensive knowledge of the company. Parker Blake places contractors in jobs including software engineers, network specialists, creative staff, marketing, accounting, legal, and more. Contractors understand that they will be paid a specific rate for a set amount of time or for a designated project, with no prospects of a long-term job after their contract ends. The terms “gig economy” or “freelancer” are common among people who work on a contract basis.

Contractors can enjoy a constantly changing career and the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects in multiple industries and in locations around the globe. By some estimates, the U.S. economy will be made up of 40% contractors by the year 2020. Contractors work for an agreed-upon rate and provide their own benefits. Parker Blake needs contractors in its database, and our listing of opportunities often includes contract positions. To let us know about your skills available on a contract basis, start your job seeker profile by clicking here.


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