Sourcing Strategy

Talent acquisition is an art, and Parker Blake can help you develop a strategy to consistently source the talent masterpieces for your company. Whether you carry out the strategy or ask us to do it for you, you need a strategy that addresses exactly what your company needs.

Social Media Sourcing

You know that your best new employees are already on social media, but finding them is difficult among the millions of people there. Parker Blake knows where to look to find exactly who you need, using sophisticated sourcing techniques and a web of contacts build over 20 years in the staffing business.

Internet Sourcing

If your internet sourcing stops at social media, you’re only halfway there. Parker Blake has the tools and experience to find great candidates, including those who don’t realize they’re open to a new opportunity.

Website Analysis

It’s hard to look at your own website objectively. Parker Blake can impartially scrutinize your website and suggest the changes that will make it more candidate-friendly. Your website is likely your candidate’s first “visit” to your company — don’t let a well-intentioned but nonstrategic website be what keeps potential talent away.

Employment Branding

When candidates think about working at your company, what do they imagine? How are you perceived among potential employees? Parker Blake can examine your employment branding, recommend changes, and then help you implement those changes that will increase your positive perception.

Employee Referral Programs

It’s no secret that a pipeline for great talent is the referral network of your best staff. Employee referral programs can be effective and motivating, or not. Parker Blake can help you set up an employee referral program that brings qualified talent to your door – talent that already knows a satisfied staffer and wants to join your firm.