Recruiter Training
Parker Blake regularly mentors and trains recruiters at multiple career stages to be more effective and up-to-date in their profession. We offer training in the specific areas you want, and we can evaluate your team’s status and recommend a tailored training program, whether for one day or on an ongoing basis.

Hiring Manager Training
Hiring managers are experts at what their teams need, but recruiting and evaluating potential team members is probably not something they do often enough to be highly skilled. Parker Blake can prepare hiring managers to use the best talent acquisition practices and can mentor them along the way.

Vendor Partners

Your staff enters into partnerships with vendors that move your company forward, but do they know how to get the most out of those relationships? Parker Blake can work with your staff and with vendor partners to achieve the most productive partnerships.

Vendor Selection

Parker Blake can make vendor selection easier for your staff by training them on best practices for healthy long-term (or short-term) vendor selection.

Contract Negotiation
Contract negotiators get better with experience, but getting that experience can be difficult. Parker Blake can train your staff on contract negotiation principles and practices that can make their efforts more successful.