There’s a lot of talk going around about what Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) can do for your company. How can you know if your company can benefit from RPO, and how will you know if you’ve found the right RPO firm?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is right for you if:


1. You need flexibility.

Maybe your business is growing faster than your internal recruiters can find quality candidates. Or maybe your needs are seasonal.


2. You need efficiency.

With an outsourcing firm, you contract for a specific service or array of services. Your provider is should be an expert, with a network, database of candidates, and access to quickly post your opportunity in all of the right job boards and social sites. There’s no learning curve here – just agree on your specifics and your recruiter is ready to go.


3. You need more recruiting manpower.

Most employers need help to fill positions, but adding recruiting staff is usually not the answer. The best RPO providers can adjust to work with your HR staff to handle the whole process, or just those parts that need their touch.


4. You want a consultative approach.

Your RPO provider should work hand-in-hand with your hiring manager or HR team, tailoring their services to your individual needs. Whether it’s sourcing, screening, testing, or compliance (or any combination), your consultant should be responsive to your needs and requests, from initial job posting to hiring decision.


5. You need to do more that “fill a position.”

Finding a person with the skills to do the job is not the hardest part. But finding the best person who fits your company’s culture and who has the personal qualities that will mesh seamlessly into your existing team is an art. Choose a consultant who is an artist at finding the exact person who is right for you.



Is RPO right for your firm? Only you can know that. Parker Blake Consulting provides RPO that can include On-site, Off-site, Strategic Support and Tailored Solutions. Are we right for you? Parker Blake consultants have a long history of providing recruiting services to companies across the U.S., focusing on marketing and sales talent. But we’re dedicated to each individual client, and because of that, we’ve found talent ranging from early career specialists to CEOs. Let’s talk, and if we agree that we are the right RPO firm for your company, Parker Blake will find the talent you need.

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