Explore the potential benefits of Hiring an Interim Professional using Interim Staffing Services


Interim staffing has been trending up since 2018. Employers like the advantages it brings, and more expert professionals are finding that it’s the right step for their careers. When should you consider finding an interim leader or expert?


Parker Blake’s team has been placing interim professionals for decades and shares these top reasons to hire an interim.


1. A key executive or professional has unexpectedly left the company.

If you’ve lost someone whose skills or managerial expertise can’t be covered by junior staff or by their peers, look at filling the gap with an interim professional. Someone with very similar experience or managerial abilities can keep things moving while you look for the permanent replacement.


2. If there is a vacancy, but you’re not sure of your long-term strategy for the position.

A skilled interim can buy time for you to evaluate your needs, your strategic direction, and your preferences. The immediate pressure is off, and seeing the interim’s performance can even give you insights into where this position could go. Interim leaders can bring fresh perspective that can help you see the situation in a new light while you look ahead.


3. You need an expert with a specific skill, but you won’t need it permanently.

Maybe you’re ramping up for a special project that is important, but you likely won’t need that person on a long-term basis. It could be that you need someone who has a one-in-a-million skill. Consider bringing in an interim specialist just as a physician would bring in a specialty surgeon. Complete your project, and your “specialty surgeon” can move on to his next “patient.”


4. Speed is a top concern.

Sometimes you need to get a job done more quickly than your own staff can handle. Maybe you need someone to be the marketing director’s right hand for six months. Or someone to produce a series of videos that will take his full focus, but you can’t spare a staff member right now. An experienced interim professional can drop into your team quickly, execute the needed task, and send you on your way. The easiest way to find that person is to work with an experienced interim staffing firm like Parker Blake.

How to find an interim staff member

It’s likely that neither your executive staff nor your human resources department have the in-depth expertise to find a specific interim expert quickly. Parker Blake works with an extensive network of proven interim professionals, each of whom has excelled in previous interim positions and has been fully vetted.

The universe of interim experts is narrow, but we have been cultivating these relationships for many years. And our interim staffing network often refers us to even more key people who can meet the needs of our clients. We are interested in helping you find just the person you need, for the reason you need her, and under a contract that works smoothly for your business. To start the conversation about the potential of an interim search with Parker Blake, click here.