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In our last post, we shared 5 Things to Know About RPO. Now we’ll look beyond the process of Recruitment Process Outsourcing and consider some questions you should ask potential partners.

While many firms offer RPO, the differences between firms can be greater than you might expect.

  1. How will you learn about our company and the kind of people who will be a good fit?

If the RPO provider tells you that the practice of recruitment process outsourcing is a “one-size-fits-all” arrangement and doesn’t take your corporate culture into account, reconsider that provider. Your RPO staff should take the time to learn about your company, your industry, your culture, and your goals. Ask how they will do this. If you think they are shortchanging this step, consider it a red flag.

  1. What is specified in your Service Level Agreement or contract?

Be sure that the agreement includes all relevant details. You need a contract that spells out exactly what the provider is responsible for, including timelines, staff involved, and results to be delivered.

Will the price include everything you need, or will there be add-on charges? Does it include all behavioral interviews and inventories? Analytics? All search techniques and technologies? If the contract offers anything less than this, be wary.

An experienced RPO provider will typically have a standard contract that they will adjust to your specifications. Discuss the contract with them before you sign.

  1. Will you spend all of your time on my search?

In virtually all cases, the answer should be no. If they answer that 100% of their time will be dedicated to you, realize that they are either highly inexperienced or potentially dishonest.

Top recruiters serve multiple clients simultaneously, but it doesn’t mean that they are less dedicated to your searches. Discuss your time expectations before you agree to a relationship with the provider.

  1. Here are my expectations. Can you do all of this?

If the RPO provider eagerly agrees to everything, proceed carefully.

An expert RPO provider will consider your expectations and explain how they will meet, not meet, or adjust them. If there is little dialogue about expectations as you interview the recruiter, they might not have the sophistication level that you need.

  1. How will you work with our internal team?

Your ideal RPO provider will have a preferred practice for involving your human resources team or hiring managers. Discuss it with them and ask for the adaptations that you know will work best with your company. You might want them to meet the appropriate hiring managers to be sure the provider can inspire confidence in them. Healthy interaction with your key staff members is essential. RPO is a true partnership, and dialogue should be ongoing.

Only you can know the specific questions you need to ask in your individual situation. Asking questions before the arrangement begins can assure your satisfaction with your RPO provider.

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