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Executive Staffing Firm or Do It Yourself?

You’re ready to search for a key new staff member: do you need an executive staffing firm, or can you conduct an equally qualitative search yourself? Here are some considerations to help you choose.

You need an executive staffing firm if:

  1. A key executive position, including CEO or COO, is open or opening.
  2. Discretion is important. Does this search need to be done very quietly? Is the incumbent unaware of the search? If so, you’ll have greater confidentiality when all search activities, including interviewing, are done offsite.
  3. You don’t have the time or the expertise to sort through employee referrals, responses to job postings, and LinkedIn searches. If you are distracted, you can’t expect excellent results.
  4. Your new hire needs to be great, not just good.
  5. Your new hire must have a unique mix of skills or competencies. Executive recruiters can tap a network that includes a wide range of professionals.
  6. The executive position you’re filling is a new one. You’ll be setting a precedent; do it right.
  7. Diversity is a strong consideration. Executive staffing specialists have deep networks.
  8. Your current efforts have not been productive, and time is becoming tight. Most HR departments appreciate a collegial partnership with an executive staffing firm to help them out when needed.
  9. You need to raise the quality of the hires you’ve traditionally made.


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