Do you know how to build the most effective relationship with your executive staffing firm? Virtually every company, whether massive in size or a small business, will need an outside talent recruiter at some point in its development. Professional and personal contacts and online job listings will pull in only a limited set of candidates. Before you connect with an outsourced staffing partner, consider these tips to get the best results.

Do you need a specialized staffing firm?

The best staffing partner is the one that fits your individual needs. Sometimes a generalist recruiter will do, but when you need to find a key person with very specific skills and attributes, a specialist recruiter might be your best option. For example, you can find a firm that specializes in marketing and sales leaders (like Parker Blake), or maybe a firm that specializes in technology or consumer goods (or whatever world you operate in.) Whatever your need, a specialized staffing firm can zero in on a focused search quickly.

Be a trusted partner

When you choose a staffing agency, be sure to treat them as a collegial partner, not simply a party to a transaction. Trust them and seek their confidential advice. Be honest about the qualities of an ideal hire for your company, whether or not you want to publicize them fully. Only in an atmosphere of transparency and honesty will you find the best candidate.

Know what works in your company

Think deeply about the person you want to hire. List the hard skills and experience he should have. Then think about the qualities that would make him click within your organization. Consider your past hiring successes and failures. What made them work, or not work? Was it temperament, creativity, rules orientation, culture, compensation package, family concerns, location, or something else? Consider those learnings and how they will or should affect the current process. Communicating this to your executive staffing firm will put you far ahead in finding the ideal candidate.

Look at the long term

Avoid the impulse to hire primarily with immediate needs in mind. Where should this person be, professionally, in five years? Ten years? You’ll find a better long-term hire when your executive recruiter understands your ultimate goals for the position.

Many businesses have years-long, even decades-long, relationships with executive staffing firms. The two work together almost like long-term spouses, understanding needs and preferences nearly intuitively and finding outstanding people together.

Be flexible.

Invite your search firm to work with you in creating the published job description. Be open to their knowledge of current trends in compensation, including pay packages, incentives, the possibility of remote work, and more. Respect their desire to find the best possible person for you, and you’ll be on your way to a productive, long-term staffing relationship.

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