How To Find Your Dream Job

How to find your dream job – even if you’re not sure what it is.

Everyone dreams about enjoying that perfect job. One where work is pleasure. Where we would do the work for free because we love it so much (if we only could). Of course, there are no job wizards that will pay our bills for us, and perfection is generally unattainable. But what would your ideal job be? Have you ever sat down and thought about that? Could it be closer than you think?

It’s entirely possible that you can take what you’ve already accomplished and build it into a serious career doing something that you love. Yes, we’re jumping way outside of the box here, but stay with us. Since Parker Blake places countless sales and marketing executives, let’s start there.

First, consider what you really love to do when you’re not working. Maybe you like gardening. It could just as easily be watching college football or doing home improvement projects or performing music. Think about where you shop for your hobby. What products do you buy? Do any of them excite you? Is there a product that should be catching on, but no one seems to realize it?

Or maybe your life was revolutionized by a product or service. You can’t stop talking about your new vision correction product or home security system or the car that saved your life in an accident.

Now imagine yourself selling or marketing a product or service in that industry. Are you full of ideas? What would excite you most about being a part of that product or company’s team?

What do you know that would make you exceptionally qualified to sell it? Where would your unique skill set fit in? Imagine if you could get up every morning and dedicate your day, your week, your year to promoting that product. It could be a game-changer for your entire life.

But before you start your newly inspired job search, think a bit more. What would your ideal day look like? Think about location – whether geographic or in terms of work setting. It could be a position with lots of travel, one where you work remotely, or in an office surrounded by some amazing people. Think through as many of your preferences as possible until you come up with your dream job. While you keep in mind that no job is perfect, you’ve now given yourself a blueprint to search for that ideal career.

Will it be easy? Probably not. You still need skills and experience that fit your dream. Is it worth trying? Definitely. We can’t wait to hear your stories!


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