Interim Staffing Services

Five Major Benefits of Hiring Interim Staff Leadership


With the low unemployment that permeates the U.S., the challenge of finding just the right permanent staffer has become a longer and more difficult process. In response, more businesses are turning to interim staffing to find the talent to keep operations functioning without missing a beat.


A qualified interim placement is more than just someone who is experienced in a specific position, and working with an interim staffing expert is the easiest way to find the right professional. Parker Blake’s network consists of seasoned professionals who understand the uniqueness of an interim slot.


They are ready to quickly enter a situation, assess and understand the challenges facing the company, and take the most effective actions that will maintain momentum and prepare for their successor. At times, they are asked to resolve a problem. They can be agents of change, or they can plug into a smoothly functioning group and keep things running at an optimum level. They are familiar with the industry they work in and they have a track record of accomplishment in similar scenarios.


What should you look for in an interim leader?


  1. Experience – The best candidate will have experience in your industry, and on a level equal to or exceeding the position they will be filling. The decisions they face in this temporary job are ones they have faced in the past – and succeeded in resolving. An outstanding interim professional might even seem overqualified for your vacancy, handling the job duties with ease.


  1. Harmony – Screen interim candidates to fit your company’s industry sector, culture, and team. Consider not only your business, but how your team prefers to function, and which personality qualities will provide a seamless transition. Harmony on the team is essential for a good fit.


  1. Skills – A potential leader might have experience in your industry, but to be successful, he also needs to have the specific skills that fit your needs. Examine candidates’ skill specialties until you find the best fit, avoiding those who almost fit.


  1. Perspective – Look for professionals who can come into a position with eyes wide open, ready to see and learn and adapt. While vision is a key quality, you want people who can understand the vision of the company and implement, clarify, or continue efforts to further your vision. If the company needs fresh solutions to perplexing problems, the right interim .


  1. Flexibility – There will always be surprises in any interim position. A great interim can flex to those surprises, adjusting her expectations and strategies to fit the challenge. Avoid those candidates who advocate a plug-and-play solution without a thorough assessment of the situation.

Parker Blake’s highly skilled interim staffing team focuses on these parameters and more when tailoring placements for our clients. To learn more about Parker Blake and interim staffing, click here.