It happens so frequently that it’s no longer a surprise – the need to quickly ramp up hiring. Maybe your company has acquired a new division or wants to launch a new product or service. Maybe the rising tide of the economy has lifted your corporate boat, too, and you need new talent quickly. But the demands of business-as-usual are keeping your HR team stretched. What do you do?

One increasingly popular option is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). Many of our clients are excited about RPO, which involves contracting with an accomplished recruiter who can provide focused staffing solutions that address their specific needs. For some hiring companies, sourcing candidates is their only need. Others want a complete solution from sourcing to onboarding. RPO contracts can be tailored by the executive search firm to fit the hiring company’s individual requirements.

Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing the right solution for you?

It is, if you’re looking for:

  • a strong talent pipeline. The best RPO contractor for you already has a strong talent pipeline that fits your need. You can find a recruiter who specializes in your industry or in the profession you seek, or even in your region.
  • people who can get the job done fast. Your RPO contractor will have the available staff to tackle your challenge quickly. You won’t have to hire a new employee and get them up to speed before you can begin your search.
  • multiple hires who can join you quickly. While it’s not their only strength, RPO professionals are highly qualified at finding multiple people who can address an immediate need in a short time.
  • someone who is up to date on current hiring trends, issues, and strategies. They know the market for the people you need, and they know how to attract the best candidates.
  • a professional who is focused. Your HR team is already loaded with their ongoing responsibilities. Your dedicated RPO provider can focus directly on the job search, without persistent duties that distract.
  • someone who can deliver measurable results. In virtually all cases, hiring an RPO professional reduces the time to hire, reduces the cost of hiring, and results in lower attrition rates than if hiring were completed without a staffing professional.
  • someone who can engagingly represent your employer brand to candidates. An outstanding RPO recruiter can sell the candidate on your company from a position of objectivity as an executive search professional outside of the firm.

How do you know if you’ve found a good RPO partner?

Your new contractor should understand your industry and your company. They should be good at building quick relationships, which is an asset for any staffing professional. And they should bring a background of success in other staffing assignments.

Short-term ramp-up with a long-term focus

The need to hire skilled professionals quickly might be a one-time event for your firm, or it could happen more than once. When you find an RPO provider that understands your needs and delivers on its promises, keep the conversation going. Having that relationship can make an enormous difference when you get the next call to produce the next new batch of hires quickly.