Woman on Lapton Staying Ready for that New Opportunity

Executives: Be ready for opportunity to find you.

Maybe you aren’t looking for a new job, but of course, you want to be ready if a stellar opportunity arises. (We all do, right?) How can you stay ready – be “findable” – in a way that is sustainable? What do you need to do to stay prepped for your next career move?

Keep your eye on these six key factors and you’ll be a step – or maybe six steps – ahead of your competition.


1. Network

Stay in touch with your network, or renew those connections if you’ve let them slip. Engage on LinkedIn. Attend events that your connections will attend, and be sure to update them on your latest achievements. Meet those key contacts for coffee or lunch. Invite your former colleague to an appropriate event. People often get complacent when they aren’t actively job searching, but networking should be a constant to anyone who wants to go beyond where they are now.


2. Industry

Are you informed on the latest news within your industry? Whatever it takes, be conversant – and have opinions that you can defend – on events in your sphere or pertaining to your role. Be sure to read your industry’s flagship news sites, and comment on them when it’s appropriate. Know where action is happening – maybe that’s where you need to be in the future.


3. Circles

Stay connected with people who might not be in your close network but who have influence in your industry’s world. Don’t overlook an opportunity to be present or to be helpful.


4. Market

Do you know the status of your market? Maybe you’re in sales or marketing within the vision care world. Know which companies are thriving and which aren’t. Know why they are succeeding. Know their projections, their fears, and their ambitions. Know the newest technologies – and what products or services they might kill. Be ready to demonstrate how and why you can be a part of their success or the answer to their pain.


5. Share

– Reach out and share your knowledge and your resources. Become known as a selfless giver, connector, or encourager. Whether you’re volunteering to mentor younger colleagues or to connect those professionals who really should know each other, forget about what’s in it for you and be known as someone who wants to see others succeed. Everyone wants to be associated with a team player.


6. Think ahead

From the moment you land in a new job, be thinking of the future. Where could this job take me? Where do I want to go? What skills are transferrable to other industries if my industry tanks? Yes, you should consider your new job to be a long-term move and be completely committed to it. But remember names like Sports Authority and Toys R Us? Blockbuster videos and Borders books? Companies that were once flying high often end up on the ground, and few industries are exempt. Pay attention to these six steps, and you’ll be ready when you want – or need – that next opportunity to arise.


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